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Some of our Massage Offerings


While it is true that we offer the most popular massage modalities that you will find anywhere, like Swedish, Hot-Stone, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi Lomi, Beachfront, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Outcall Service to your vacation rental or hotel island-wide on Maui, we offer even more. The reason you may want to choose our day spa in the North of Kihei, where we have been for over 12 years, is because we are a small day spa.  We have the time, the energy and the great luxury of offering you some off the finest hand-picked therapists Maui has to offer.  

Therapeutic Massage
All massage is therapeutic.  We like to use this term to describe the type of massage we offer that specializes in a unique response to your particular body and its needs.  We can easily offer you any and/or all of our modalities in massage to address your very special needs as an individual.  All of our licensed, insured and highly trained massage therapists here on Maui are cross-trained in several of our massage types here in the Hawaiian Islands.  Speak to your personalized massage therapist to create a very-individualized formula that is one-of-a-kind, just for you! 

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Massage 
Created by the Hawaiians for the Hawaiians.  This native Hawaiian massage born in the islands uses much rhythmic motion, lots of oil, intentional breath and long, soothing strokes.  I like to call it the Hawaiian Massage's answer to it's Swedish counterpart in that it is deeply relaxing.  Very broad-spectrum for an overall work over by many of of veteran massage therapists who have lived and worked on the islands, for some of us, decades and offering the essence of the mana we are so fortunate to transmit.  Beautiful work and a must for those in search of the true Hawaiian experience in massage.

Pre-Natal Massage
Deep Tissue Massage - There is such a thing as deep tissue and there are many therapists who claim to offer deep tissue.  Massage Maui was founded by myself, Lisa Berthuot, trained in Structural Integration, also known as its Trademark counterpart, Rolfing.  This is work with deeper roots that address not only muscle tissue but the origins and insertions of ligaments and tendons as well.  I trained with an amazing individual, Lee Joseph, who has the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork, which is based on our beloved sister island, Kauai.  His training has set the bar really high for quality therapy.  After 14 years of massage on Maui, I have been working with many of the worlds finest athletes, such as cyclists who compete in the Tour de France, future Olympic ski hopefuls, countless water sports men and women and many other sports enthusiasts such as tennis players, golfers, runners, triathletes, iron men and women, etc.  The point is, if we can work on these top athletes, we can work on you.  Come see for yourself why people choose our massage therapy network over others on Maui.

Aromatherapy Masssage 

Hot Stone Massage 
We like to offer this particular type of massage for an hour and a half, as it takes time to utilize the deeply soothing stones in a way that compliments the irreplaceable hands of your private massage therapist.  This allows ample time to receive the gift of penetrating heat from our hand-picked stones created here on the island of Maui, millions of years ago.  And since nothing can replace the human hand, we need time to cover the body with heat and still transmit the healing massage techniques once you are open to the transmission.  A great combination is hot stone and lomi lomi, ask your qualified Massage practitioner to mix these two great massage techniques in tandem. 

Reflexology Massage for the hands and feet  
​Ancient Chinese wisdom which addresses the entire body through the hands, feet and ears.  Most people love the feet and we have a few therapists with extensive training in this modality.  This particular offering is great for those who are not that fond of a more traditional massage and or are not able to receive much pressure throughout.  Ideal for post operative conditions and trauma.

The most well-known of traditional massage and a great introduction to what therapy feels like using tecniques such as petrissage, effleurage and can often be quite deep, when requested.

Structural Integration 
The best massage series available hands-down, anywhere.  A series of ten two-hour sessions where we address your entire body in increments in order to re-sculpt you back to the ease and homeostasis of your former years.  A truly life-transforming process, best to have 10 weeks on island in order to be done properly.  Very intensive work, excellent for recovery from injury, from more complex physical challenges such as scoliosis, injury from accident, athletic overload, work-related injuries and pain, etc...  Brilliant work with highly-trained therapists and not for those who do not subscribe to the no pain no gain philosophy.  Can be catered to a one time offering if you are experiencing acute symptoms and need some relief.

Sports Massage
Contrary to the common belief that sports is deep, its really more a of stretching technique.  Its great for pre and post sporting events, of course, but also good for those who like to open up the joints with stretching and more brisk movement.  Can be done fully clothed, as we have discovered through years of sponsoring sporting events island-wide.  

Thai Massage
Performed mat-style, fully-clothed on the floor in its original two-hour version or as an alternative hybrid on the table if you like to mix the ancient Thai massage essence of stretching and the modern-day mixture of oil and table-top.  Thai massage is the best back massage in the world, accessed through the legs.  Magnificent work in that we stretch you, as if your massage therapist does your yoga for you.  Great in tandem with our yoga classes either at our North Kihei location, beachfront or at your private vacation rental.  

Double Trouble
Double the therapists, but single the client.  Fantastic for the art of distraction and tricking the body into letting go as you lose track of who is where and what is being addressed while the body just surrenders.  Pretty cool, really.

Chill Out Massage
Soothing Sunburn Relief with Icy Stones
Since sunburn is such a common issue here on the beautiful island of Maui, we decided to offer an antidote to sunburn due to so many cancellations by our clientele who were afraid to get massage after being in the sun too long.  We have literally seen our clients go from a darker shade of red to a lighter pink after this soothing treatment.  We offer no oil but pure food-grade, organic aloe vera gel and icy stones in our massage for your sunburn, while you receive the modality of your choice with regard to massage techniques.  Swedish and Lomi lomi are great options for this wonderful relieving experience that keeps you from having to skip out on massage while you holiday here on our beautiful island.

Massage Maui 
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